Trans 101

You may be asking yourself, “but, what does it even mean to be trans?”

Put simply, being trans means a lot of things and there’s no one perfect definition or way to be trans. There are tons of great resources for allies to educate themselves and here are just a few:

Trans 101 – Sylvia Rivera Law Project

Gender Identity 101 – Beyond Gender Project

Transgender FAQ – GLAAD

US Transgender Survey

GLSEN Research

But don’t stop there. Being an ally is more than just knowing the lingo. There are tons of organizations out there supporting and fighting for the rights and lives of gender and sexual minorities. Give your support to your local trans or LGBTQ non-profit or one (or all) of these below:

Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund

National Center for Transgender Equality

Black Trans Advocacy

TransLatin@ Coalition

Point Foundation – National LGBTQ Scholarship Fund

Lost N Found Youth